2005 Alias "The Road Home " Frank Murdoch GUEST
2004 The West Wing "Access" Reporter Franklin GUEST
1999 Diagnosis Murder "Today is the Last Day of the Rest of My Life" Frank Dugan GUEST
1999 Profiler "Otis, California" Phillip Menzies GUEST
1999 Beyond Belief "The Woods" Doctor GUEST
1998 Hang Time ??? Coach G
1997 The Sentinel "Secret" Jack Kelso GUEST
1996 The Sentinel "Rogue" Jack Kelso GUEST
1994 The Sinbad Show "The Telethon" Henry G
1994 Beverly Hills 90210 "Sweating It Out" Professor Finley GUEST
1994 Beverly Hills 90210 "Hazardous To Your Health" Professor Finley GUEST
1994 Beverly Hills 90210 "Little Monsters" Professor Finley GUEST
1994 Beverly Hills 90210 "You Gotta Have Heart" Professor Finley GUEST
1994 Beverly Hills 90210 "Stormy Weather" Professor Finley GUEST
1990 Matlock "The Victim" Alex Gordon GUEST
1988 Hunter "Silver Bullet" George Hanes G
1988 Heartbeat ??? Lawyer CO-STAR
198? Hard Copy ??? News Researcher RECURR.
1986 Airwolf "Tracks" Levitt GUEST
1986 T.J. Hooker "Death Trip" Neil Fulson G
1985 Highway to Heaven "A Match Made in Heaven" Jack Keller CO-STAR
1985 Hotel "Fallen Idols " Clerk  
1985 Airwolf "Inn at the End of the Road " Badger GUEST
1985 Simon & Simon "Almost Foolproof" Mr. Morse CO-STAR
198? Scarecrow and Mrs. King "No Thanks for the Memories" Pat Danley CO-STAR
1983 Simon & Simon "What's in a Gnome?" Dodger Doyle CO-STAR
1983 Trauma Center ??? Surgeon RECURR.
1983 The Fall Guy "Wheels" Doug CO-STAR
1982 Quincy "Give Me Your Weak" Carreen GUEST
1981 The Incredible Hulk "The Harder They Fall" Bobby C
1981 WKRP in Cincinnati "Out to Lunch" Bartender C
1980 M*A*S*H "Cementing Relationships" Cochran CO-STAR

 ... and still some more TV credits:
Equal Justice (1990-1991)
He played someone leading a protest outside an institution that warehouses people with disabilities. CO-STAR

Houston Knights (1987-1988)
He had a minor, but recurring role in this cop show as a detective. RECURRING

After M*A*S*H (1983-1984)
He played a wounded soldier in an U.S. military hospital.

Trapper John, M.D. (1979-1986)
He did a lot of background work on this show and then did a scene in which he played a doctor.

Benson (1979-1986)
He guest starred as a Viet Nam vet. CO-STAR

Divorce Court (1986)
He played the defendant, the plaintiff and a lawyer in different episodes.

 TV stories:
Hill Street Blues - episode "Midway to What?" (1990-1991)
based on a story by Darryl Ray and Alan Toy

Detective Belker, on a stake-out, parks in a handicapped zone. Outside, he finds an angry young man in a chair spray-painting the offending vehicle. Belker arrests "Jerry" and gets a crash course in accessibility when he discovers the bathrooms at the station weren't made for wheelchairs.

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